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Web Developer

PHP / ASP.NET / Python

Write program code according to software design needs, carry out Program Tests, Coordinate with Team Leaders and Project managers

  • - Experience using Framework
  • (Laravel/Codeigniter for PHP, ASP.NET C# MVC 4, Django/Flask for Python)
  • - Experience with Javascript, HTML, CSS.
  • - Experience with VueJs/ ReactJs
  • - Understanding database Postgre/MySql/Ms. Sql Server
  • - Understanding of SDLC

— Location: Bandung

System Analyst

Experience as a programmer is highly preferred.

Performing system analysis for each project to be undertaken, creating relevant documents for software development.

  • - Knowledge in one of the standard ERP/MRP business processes.
  • - Experience in Composing Project Documents.
  • - Experience in Composing Functional Models and Specification Document.
  • - Experience in Composing Test-Scenario & Operation Documents
  • - Proficiency in Databases & Expertise in designing software effectively.
  • - Familiarity with Common Methods/SDLC (Waterfall, RUP, Scrum).

— Location: Bandung

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Enjoyable Work Environment

  • Offering a positive, collaborative, and supportive work environment where employees feel motivated and comfortable.

Career Development Opportunities

  • Providing opportunities for career growth and skill development through training, coaching, or structured development programs.

Competitive Compensation

  • Offering a competitive compensation package, including fair salaries, benefits, bonuses, or other incentive programs.

Employee Wellness Programs

  • Providing employee health and wellness programs, such as health insurance, fair sick leave, fitness programs, and other benefits.

Inclusive Work Culture

  • Emphasizing diversity and inclusion, creating a friendly and diverse environment for all employees.

Strong Team Collaboration

  • Our emphasis on strong team collaboration ensures a supportive and dynamic work environment that encourages innovation and success.