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Hi, we are a software company from Bandung, Indonesia.

We help companies, organizations and individuals take the next step to enter the digital world through comprehensive and efficient software solutions that can drive real business growth.

What We Do ?

Express your ideas and needs on how the software will work and the processes that need to be in it. Our team will help you to determine the best that suits your needs, timeline and budget.

Business Application Development

We help you to Develop application for your business, both vertical (industry specific) and horizontal (serve a particular need across all organizations and industries).

Product Development

Is there a technology-based product that you want to develop? Trust us to develop it with an end-to-end solution from the design process to its implementation.

Web/Mobile App Development

In today's market, every company needs an effective website. Likewise with mobile-based applications that will help improve your company's image.

Managed Services

We can manage your domain and application servers from registration, renewal, configuration settings and other related matters including integrating software into business.

Manpower as a Services

Manpower as a Services (MaaS) moves work outside the company's internal structure to save costs and make processes more efficient. Applied in different ways and models.


We help students to be able to do internships and gain skills and abilities to be absorbed in the job market or to help develop their own products.

Who we work for

We already work with Automotive Industry, Retail & Manufacturing, Education, Government & Non-Profit, Online Business, Information Technology Startup,
Hotel & Transportation Company and many others.

Why Arkamaya ?

10+ Years experience in IT Industry with specialization in Custom Software Development. Our experience in this industry provides more knowledge about how information technology can be applied in industry in relation to automation processes and company readiness towards the industrial era 4.0

  • Experienced in the field of custom software
  • Industrial process business knowledge
  • Crud generator and process automation
  • Friendly and competitive prices


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